Celebrating 50 Years

On March 1st, 1985, I was transferred to DOCOL as the CEO. At that time, Massy operated three companies - DOCOL, Transportation Services and AINLIM. Transportation Services and DOCOL operated out of DOCOL, so I was effectively CEO for b oth companies. With the continued growth and investment b y Massy in Guyana, I was appointed the Group CEO in 1998 and after the re b randing from Neal & Massy to Massy in 2014, I was appointed the Country Manager for Massy in Guyana.” Economic Challenges “Things were very difficult during the late 70s and 80s in terms of o b taining almost anything, so you could imagine the challenges in running a b usiness - b e it spare parts for machinery, trucks, foreign exchange, food items, anything you could think a b out was in short supply in those days. That presented its own peculiar challenges, b ut Guyanese, b eing resilient people always found a way,” Persaud reflected. “Being innovative is how I was a b le to access a Line of Credit with Venezuela. Even though the Line of Credit was for exports, I made a strong case that we serviced the exporters, b e it sugar, rice, b auxite which all depended on Industrial Gases for their production. Through an IDB fund, administered b y GAIBANK, I was also a b le to get a loan for the purchase of new industrial compressors for the Oxygen and Nitrogen plants”, Persaud explained. “It was also a period where you had high migration of skills, so it was not only capital - foreign exchange in particular, it was also skills. It called for a special method of running a b usiness, b ut we were always a b ove- b oard in the way we operated,” he stated. The message from Mr. Sydney Knox, then Chairman of Massy Holdings, who was very supportive of Guyana, was that “countries don’t disappear from the earth, you just have to ride out this period and things would change.” This was uplifting encouragement for myself and the employees,” Persaud said. At that time, expansion was not possi b le and the company changed its b usiness model, b ecoming one of the leading distri b utors in Guyana for GRL/IDEAL products and several other locally produced commodities.